About Fordham Soccer Academy

FORDHAM SOCCER ACADEMY, is a. non-profit organization that runs and organizes the sport children's and youth soccer in Bronx county. Our association has as its fundamental purpose to provide support to children and young people of low income and children of immigrant families supporting with this the family union. The path we have laid out in the foundation is based on actions that feed the body and spirit through the practice of sport. In the foundation we are working with the purpose of satisfying this premise and whit full knowledge that the route of our children and young people to move away from the violence and addictions. In the foundation we know that in our country demand great motivators that generate of the sport practice and a habit that must be constantly encouraged and aware of it our work requires of a join effort which we share with the governments civil society and particular organizations whithout import race or religion political tendencies.

The mission of FORDHAM SOCCER ACADEMY is to provide youth soccer players ages a program where they'll receive a quality coaching in a safe and positive environment. The program is family friendly which offers coed, recreational and travel soccer. Alog with a long-term development program wich ultimately will lead teams into a premier program We also provide various clinics through the soccer year. All our training session will go along with US Soccer Federation mandates: age player grouping, field size, and equipment. Players of levels are invited to play and the club strives to conduct all business in a professional, fair, and customer friendly environment. All of our effort and hard work only reflects in one thing the Player.

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Meet our Dedicate Team & Collaborator

Coach football requires particular qualities and you have to exercise "educator" because for the children you are a person who will mark him more than you think, makes them involved with what they are doing, trying to get the best of themselves.

Juan Mendez


By teaching them the language, tactics and Fundamentals of the game. Our program takes pride in developing players no only on the program will inject them with qualities of team work, responsibility, dedication and loyalty.

Saul Guevara

Senior Coach

He is a coach who motivates all children with his charisma and dedication. The coach has a very important task that is to make his team get the best results they can but, he has to do it helping to grow the members of his team both personally and professionally.

Rasetina Damago


He lends us space to train children in the summer. Very grateful with your collaboration to continue advancing with the dream of each Child.
The School:
Walton School PS 340 Bronx NY 10468


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Gain trust with children is paramount and protect them even more! It makes them involved with what they are doing, trying to get the best out of themselves.

Sonia Matin


For parents who support their children in the practice of sports without putting pressure on them and coaches who remember the goal of children's sport, which is always the integral formation of the individual. Thank you Fordham Soccer Academy.

Nelson Quiroga


Education is collaboration, although parents are responsible for legal purposes. Sport is also collaboration, even if it is individual.
Grate job.

Lucia Correa